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Cantel Telecommunication VoIP Telephone Systems

With innovating technologies and climbing costs of business operations there is a need for high tech and cost effective solutions which are not only budget friendly but also highly productive. Cantel Telecommunication VoIP is one such product that aids your telecommunication needs at a level far above than any other phone system e.g. Landlines etc.

Cantel Telecommunication VoIP is like a web hosted private phone system. It performs the function of regular PBX phone system and more by switching and connecting VoIP and landline calls (optional). It uses IP data networks to perform functions like call switching, routing etc.

We provide quality hardware for smooth telecommunication operations.

Cantel Telecommunication VoIP phone system provides following core benefits:

Easy to install & user friendly:

A VoIP runs as a computer software which is extremely user-friendly. The software can be installed and maintained by anyone who is adept to computer networking.

Web/Graphic User Interface(GUI) based configuration:
A VoIP can be managed the web systems or GUI, letting you maintain and manage your phone systems all by yourself.

Cost Effective:

The amount of money you save on a monthly telephone bills is surprising. The VoIP lets you make long distance calls without worrying over the “per minute” charges. With it you can make free calls to various branches of your organization located at a distance.

Improved Phone Usability:

VoIP that uses SIP phones provides better usability as functions are performed on a Window based GUI. Also, user can access information regarding other extensions, inbound calls, waiting calls through the user-friendly software.

Less Phone-wire clutter:

Reduce the phone wire clutter by connecting hardware IP phones directly to a standard computer network port and installing software phones on your PC that lets you enjoy a neat wire-free environment.

Customer-Oriented Services & Productivity:

As a business, VoIP lets you deliver customer-oriented services by combining phone functions with business applications. You can perform any technology integrated business operation for your customers and provide and an overall improved customer experience.

Adaptable Networking:

VoIP systems are adaptable to your growing needs. In a regular PBX adding more phone lines require expensive hardware additions. VoIP on the contrary, can handle a large number of phone lines and extensions.

Value for Money:

VoIP lets your enjoy more double the features at half the price. The IP phone systems carry along rich feature composition e.g. Voice mail, conference call, advanced reporting, video calls, automated phone attending etc.

Overcome Geographical Boundaries:

SIP software phones can be accessed from any part of the world. You can stay connected to your home or business while travelling. Calls can be diverted to any corner of the world because of its features


In a nutshell, investing in a VoIP provides a plethora of benefits not only to organizations buying new phone system but also to those who have an existing functional PBX phone system. The number of features & benefits provided by Cantel Telecommunications clearly outweighs those of a regular phone system in terms of management, maintenance and cost.

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