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Testing and Commissioning of Telecommunication Equipment

Testing and Commissioning of Telecommunication Equipment

Minimize the Risk of Unplanned Business Downtime and Ensure Seamless Communication

Once voice, video and data networks are installed in your business landscape, the next thing you need to do is to ensure that they run seamlessly without any disruption. This is when you can most benefit from our testing and commissioning services.

Testing and commissioning of telecommunication equipment is crucial to minimize the risk of unplanned business downtime due to faulty communication technologies. Disturbance and interruption in communication can bring your business to a standstill resulting in millions of dollar losses.

Simply stated, one of the most effective and best strategies to avoid unplanned disruptions resulting from design, installation and component quality issues is to subject the telecommunication equipment and systems to a rigorous testing and commissioning process performed by experienced and qualified experts.  And this is what you can rely on us for.

At Cantel Telecommunications, we have a highly skilled technical support team that have received manufacturer supplied training and have a complete knowhow of specialised test procedures. The unique combination of our experience, skills, training and knowledge enables us to successfully meet all challenging testing & commissioning requirements, and ensure that you have flawless telecommunication systems installed in your business landscape—delivering optimum performance and facilitating seamless communication flow.

Whether you have Juniper, Cisco, Alpha Power or Netsure Power networking products, we can test and commission all making sure that they are functional and run smoothly as intended without any interruption.

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