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Structured Wiring

Cantel Telecommunications offers professional design and implementation of all types of Structured Wiring & Cabling infrastructure. Our well-trained pool of infrastructure designers provide professional design and implementation. Our Installation technicians are specifically trained for the good quality hardware fitting.

Along with that, Cantel Telecommunications also provides management services with all installations. We provide support during all aspects of the project.

A structured wiring system is as important key to the success of your organization as the human resources that work in it. A well-planned structured wiring system aids the constant flow of information, enables the distribution of resources, accommodates ever-changing technology, promotes smooth operations, offers plenty of room for expansion, and changes with your organization. Moreover, it will still be around far longer than your current PC server and network switches. In essence, a structured wiring system is the lifeblood to your business.

We offer our services in the form of:

Voice, Data, Cabling Services

We provide services like: CAT6E, CAT5, CAT3 cable installation and line termination & testing.
In short, higher the number of the type of copper cable, higher the performance. CAT3 is primarily used for voice, CAT5 used for both voice & data and CAT6 used for Gigabyte Ethernet.

Coax Cabling Services

Coaxial Cabling Services for various television, conference, video and security needs of an organization. Coax hardware can support much higher bandwidth than UTP. We make use of the following hardware types:
50 ohms: Ethernet
75 ohms: TV cable and Modem

Twisted Pair Cabling Services

UTP(Unshielded Twisted Pair) hardware is employed for use in voice applications and LAN. Due its relatively lower cost this cable is most widely used and is available in various performance categories like (CAT 3, 4, 5 and 6)

Fiber Optic Cabling Services

Fiber Optics is a highly demanded and growing technology which is used as the main connection between networking equipment. It is gaining preference from users because of its high quality and reliable digital and analog telecommunications. It provides a secure link and is immune from electromagnetic interference.

Cantel Telecommunications designs, installs, tests and maintains Fiber Optic Systems. We perform Fusion Splicing & Termination of multimode and single mode fiber cables. All our fiber techs are skilled and trained for the procedure.

Server Room Installation Services

Cantel Telecommunications provides the installation of the servers which serve as the brains of organization. We provide the infrastructure for auxiliary support and equipment. We ensure that the hardware tech is correctly installed.

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Services Cantel Telecommunications provide:

Structured wiring
Low voltage wiring
Low voltage wiring design
Structured wiring installation
Licenced and permits
Professional installations
Prewire new construction
Data and Wifi networks
Telephone Wiring
Cable Wiring
Audio Video Wiring
Home Automation Wiring

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