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Security Systems

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Security Camera Installation

Cantel Telecommunications offer more secured homes and business environments in Vancouver, British Columbia and regions around, through our high quality, smartly designed security camera systems. We offer end-to-end services from project design to hardware and software installation and maintenance.
With our dependable ‘gatekeepers’ nobody can sneak in or out of your premises unnoticed. No movement goes hidden or unrecorded.

Cantel Telecommunication will be there to assist you in your decisions. For e.g. How many cameras would be needed? That depends on the size of your home or business building, number of rooms, entrances or exits.

Our PoE (Powered over Ethernet) solutions ensure high video quality transmission and recording. Our security cameras are also operable via internet. You can now view your property from anywhere with laptop and internet connection. Now that’s an advantage!!

Our services include:

  • Security Camera System installation
  • Ensuring cameras are aimed and adjusted properly
  • Confirming smooth operation of the installed security system

Cantel Telecommunications pledges the safety of your house or business premises and guarantees security from unwanted happenings.

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