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Point of Sales (PoS)

Cantel Telecommunication specializes in Point of Sales Technology installation and maintenance for over a decade. With PoS hardware like digital weighing scales & scanners, electronic and manual cash registers, Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sales terminals, touchscreens and any other variety of hardware and software available for use with POS.

  • Cantel Telecommunication PoS Hardware and Software provides ease of retail operations by
  • Sales data analysis, retail shelf monitoring, and purchasing levels adjustments.
  • Sales history maintenance to help adjust your buying decisions.
    Pricing accuracy improvement via integration of bar-code scanners and credit card authorization ability with the POS system.

Cantel Telecommunications ensures support at every step from pre-installation, installation, and closure. Our team of skilled personnel assists at every stage to provide you with efficient design and implementation of PoS systems.

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