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Private telephone network is an essential technological solution for today’s business or organization. It enables you to have more phones than Public switched telephone networks (PSTN) and lets you make free calls within an organization. Cantel Telecommunication PBX services also include other features like voicemail, call recording, transfers etc. for an enhanced and organized communication experience.

Cantel Telecommunication PBX services ensures smooth intercommunication by creating user connections, ensuring that those connections remain uninterrupted and disconnecting when users hang up. It also measures and records the statistics related to the calls.

Cantel Telecommunication PBX Infrastructure would generally include the following:

  • Telephone trunk lines that connect to the PBX
  • Programmable computer memory that easily manages the telephonic operations
  • The private grid lines within the PBX
  • A user-friendly switchboard for a human operator

Cantel Telecommunication PBX Core Functions:

  • Single number with which an external caller can contact all persons in an organization
  • Call Distribution to the various PBX stations
  • Call Transfer between internal users of PBX
  • Voice message recording from an external caller
  • Ability to put an external caller on a hold
  • Automated call answering
  • Provide IVR Menu options

At Cantel Telecommunication, we have solutions to every kind of setup. Whether you need to basic telephone features, expecting small call volumes, having a modest budget or are an organization with one home/business location Cantel Telecommunication PBX is your answer to all your needs.

Cantel Telecommunication is operating in Vancouver, Langley, Burnaby, New westminster, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Mission, Whistler, Abbotsford, Chilliwack area installing and maintaining PBX business telephone systems.

Area we cover for PBX business telephone systems:-


Cantel Telecom & SIP Trunking

Cantel Telecom is a leading provider of SIP Trunking, hosted VoIP and other IP Communication services in the region of Vancouver, British Columbia.

A Session Initiation Protocol is a communication procedure for signaling and regulating multimedia communication sessions across a network of data.

Cantel Telecom SIP trunking services are tailored to suit your budget and provides different pricing models according to your requirements:

  • Per-Minute Charging: Priced at a set rate per minute of usage
  • Channelized Pricing: Provide unrestricted minutes on a specified number of channels or call paths.

SIP Trunking services has proven to be pretty economical in the long run. Studies suggest that business that use SIP Trunking enabled VoIP services experience upto 70% cost reduction overtime.

Cantel Telecom Advantage

  • Cost Control: Our customer-oriented services not only help you in smooth running of business but also control the operation costs. As mentioned above, we provide different pricing models and help decide the best for your organization.


  • Provide a Neat & Tidy Scape: Our SIP Trunking services radically reduces the significant clutter that comes along the regular PBX (analog) phone networks. No hardware would be seen lying around as all systems are unified at a central point.


  • Increased Reliability: In case of technical issue or failure the SIP Trunking systems provide you with ample platform to jumpstart the business operations. Data Re-Routing and Redundant Data line management will keep your business running smoothly. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you – should the system fail or an emergency arises.

SIP Trunking Assistance Services

Our skilled pool of human resource is at your assistance from planning phase to implementation and maintenance. We will support you in developing the best SIP Trunking plan by:

  • Assessing your phone usage (Number of people using phones, peak hours, call durations)
  • Assessing the Technical Requirements (Internet Bandwidth and other hardware)
  • Providing Quality of Service (Performance Management and Maintenance Services)
  • Ensuring Security Needs (Firewalls)

While employing VoIP certain communication issues that may emerge are jitter, latency and voice data loss. Cantel Telecom foresees such impending issues and strives to resolve them before hand through the 24*7 Quality of Services Assistance. We are just a call away !

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