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Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Cantel Telecommunications ensure smooth installation of hardware via its pool of skilled and certified technicians. The Cantel Telecommunication Team is always there for your assistance as per your requirement. Our trained lineup of experts provide their services from the very initial phase of planning, designing, execution: installation & operation and maintenance.

Our client-tailored solutions corroborate every part of the projects’ various phase. We carry an end-to-end approach to any project.

Taking care of our clients and their budget has proven to be successful in delivering quality performances. We services include installation and repair of:

  • Cable
  • Internet Networks
  • Digital Cable
  • Audio/Video hardware and Software
  • VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocols)
  • Computer Networks
  • Home and Business Automation hardware and software
  • PoS (Point of Sales) hardware and software
  • Private phone setup
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