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Innovation, Quality and Sustainability in the Canadian Telecom Industry

Modern, quality and innovative telecommunication services have become fundamental for the future economic prosperity, social development, and the global competitiveness of Canada. To be precise, fixed and wireless broadband internet access services are the catalysts of innovation and underpin a creative, vibrant and interactive world connecting Canadians across distances and internationally.

Therefore, Canadian telecommunication companies are investing in and likewise, the government is funding robust infrastructure to ensure the provision of high quality telecommunication services to Canadians throughout the country.

According to the Innovation Science and Economic Development (ISED), the vision is to make Canada the global centre of innovation. To do so, here are some steps that are being taken in this direction to make this vision a reality:

  • The telecommunication regulations should be revised in a way that they are focused more towards connectivity and capacity rather than voice-related issues.
  • The expansion of the digital economy has made it essential to have access to scalable broadband networks. Therefore, telecom companies are actively investing billions of dollars yearly in wireline as well as wireless infrastructure to improve their broadband access services. Fibre technology is being deployed heavily in telecom networks to offer greater capacity and faster speeds.
  • Various levels of government are supporting funding programs and continue to support broadband access services in even those areas that were previously considered uneconomic to serve such as remote communities.

The broadband funding program introduced by the Government of Canada has invested up to 500 Canadian dollars and aim to realize the vision by 2021. The funding is focused on innovation, quality and sustainable telecom broadband services largely because it is believed that high-speed internet access in today’s day and age serves more than just a convenience. In fact, it is now truly essential for businesses, citizens as well as institutions to communicate, access information, offer quality customer support services and opportunities that could otherwise be out of reach.

Simply put, the funding is directed at developing a new backbone infrastructure in remote and rural communities across Canada. This is because building this infrastructure is now considered as the modern equivalent of building roads and railways— connecting rural and remote areas to the global economy. The backbone infrastructure is fibre optic based.

However, for all this quality and innovation are paramount such as capacity upgrades are needed in some of the communities that have fibre optic access but the network is old or lacks scalable designs. These situations demand resiliency projects that include the fibre loop extension construction much needed to help mitigate the impact of accidental fibre cuts.

Furthermore, programs directed towards innovation in the telecom industry also focus on last mile connectivity projects to households where telecommunication gaps continue to persist.

Moreover, for sustainable results, the program strives to create fibre infrastructure to standalone towers because in many rural and remote areas they don’t have institutions needed to serve as points of presence. It is believed that telecom innovation will have ripple effects across industries.

Estimates should that technology solutions can save $400 billion in healthcare cost by reducing average commute time, and cut carbon emission by nearly 27 million tonnes. All this is much owed to the great wave of wireless innovation. Wait there is more! Reports suggest that the wave of innovation is expected to bring unique economic opportunity for Canadians across diverse industry verticals as it is estimated to connect 50 billion devices thereby connecting $14.4 trillion business opportunity.

It won’t be wrong to say that as the bar rises for telecom equipment innovation in Canada, new approaches are emerging along with the increase in competition. The innovation in broadband and wireless technologies aims to increase capacity as well as service efficiencies. This has led to telecom equipment vendors to deliver high-end network capacity, smartphones and spectral efficiency. From telecom equipment vendors to fibre optic installers and Government of Canada all are focused on supporting a diverse & innovative economic future for Canada. This is clearly evident from the steps and measures that are being taken by the players of the telecom industry and the support offered by the Government of Canada in this quest.

Telecom industry is:

  • Investing in identifying new and better ways to connect, interact and communicate,
  • New heavy equipment is being rolled out the network as efficiently as possible,
  • Innovative installation techniques are being employed to ensure quick deployment with minimal disruption to both businesses and residents.

The proportion of Canadians subscribing to mobile broadband in the year 2013 was approximately 50.2%, as opposed to 32.8 per cent for fixed broadband, due to the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets. This provides an additional and much more potent source of competition in the broadband sector.

It is predicted that with a collaborative and strategic approach, the Canadian companies can truly lead this next wave of wireless innovation and leverage on telecom technologies to address key business, the customer as well as societal challenges. It is definitely the perfect opportunity for Canada to increase productivity, ensure global competitiveness and enhance the quality of life of people.

The technological revolution is in the works that require billions of dollars of investment and luckily companies and the Government of Canada are willing to make this investment and drive innovation to deliver quality telecom services and products.

We at Cantel Telecommunication are also among the companies that are actively investing in innovative telecom technologies to provide better and high-quality services to our clients. We firmly believe that wireless has the potential to increase capacity and service efficiencies. And that is exactly why we readily invest in innovative technologies and pass on their benefits to our clients.

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