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Home Theatre Systems

Home Theatre Systems

Cantel Telecommunication is a quality provider of Home Theatre Systems in Vancouver, British Columbia. We provide 5.2 and 7.2 Audio technology with a video setup system that can be directed to any other TV in the house.

Our services include:

  • Complete assistance in planning and designing the project.
  • Home Theatre Equipment inspection for damage and defect.
  • Decide whether any additional work is required in your room ( estimate budget will be provided).
  • Provide the best HD picture and sound quality.
  • Arrange hardware to give your room a chic look.
  • Testing of equipment and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Providing Instructions which are easily understood.
  • Clean up after ourselves.
  • Provide warranty for our services.

Cantel Telecommunication believes that every house should experience the motion pictures in its best essence and we aspire to deliver alleviated experience through our services.

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