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Fibre Optic Termination

Fibre Optic Termination

At Cantel Telecommunication, we also specialise in fibre optic termination. Fibre optic termination basically refers to the physical termination of a length of a fibre optic cable into a connector. It helps create a connection to a transceiver or device or splices two cables into 1 longer cable to multiplex a cable so that it can easily move more branches.

Fibre optic termination uses connectors to form and create a temporary joint. As there are many connectors, the installers need to be well-schooled in fibre termination fundamentals and connector installation as workmanship is critical to achieve seamless communication flow and avoid significant problems with optical propagation and system functioning. And this is why business owners prefer our services.

We have a team of installers who have the experience, and knowledge about best techniques for fibre optic termination. We select the connector type depending on the application and cable type to deliver optimum and seamless performance. This process is necessary for installing fibre optic network.

With us, you can benefit from our fibre optic termination services in a plethora of ways such as:

  • Ensure optimal coupling efficiency,
  • Create and maintain a safe work environment,
  • Enjoy increased value of rack space,
  • Improve fibre routing,
  • Upgrade fibre system, and
  • Experience consolidation of space to temporary connections.

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