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Fibre Optic Splicing

Fibre Optic Splicing

We Can Help You Ensure Continuous Connection

Experts in fibre optic splicing, at Cantel Telecommunication, we can help you ensure a continuous connection between the fibres much needed to run your business smoothly and efficiently over long runs. We have the skill-set and the manpower to deliver you proven results and satisfactory service.

Fibre Optic Splicing—what is it?

Fibre optic splicing is a process in which two fibre optic cables are connected and joined together. This process is most effective in situations when the available fibre optic cable is not sufficiently long for the run required.

The process is performed in 2 ways—fusion & mechanical splices. In fusion splicing, our team of experienced splicers and technicians permanently connect 2 or more fibre optic cables with a welding method using an electronic arc.

However, in the mechanical splicing, two or more fibre optic cables are aligned and held in their place with the help of a self-contained assembly.

How Will You Business Benefit from Our Service?

Fusion Splicing

  • Minimizes light loss and back reflection which is useful when the cable runs are too long for a single length of fibre or when two different types of cable need to be joined together.
  • It is also an excellent method to restore fibre optic cables if and when the buried cable is accidentally damaged or broken.
  • Fibre cables are connected permanently.
  • Creates the most reliable joint between two fibres.

Mechanical Splicing

This is a popular method because it offers a fast solution for connecting fibre optic cables and is easier to perform than fusion splicing. However, its drawback is that it only offers temporary restoration. It is a useful short-term method when you need to get the job done urgently and if you have a low budget.

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