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Fibre Optic Installation and Repair

Fibre Optic Installation and Repair

Benefit from our Smooth Fibre Optic Installation Services and Quick Repairs to Integrate and Leverage the Advanced Telecommunication Technologies in Your Landscape for Maximum Performance and Excellent Communication



Fibre optic is the ‘perfect cabling option’ to ensure fast data transmission. It’s also essential to connect telecommunication technologies where wiring distance is more than 90 metres or 300 feet and transmitting data at a high bandwidth. When you’re looking to connect essential, visual and communicative tools for superior operation of surveillance systems, internet services, cell services, etc. – fibre optic cables are your best bet.

If you are homeowner or a business owner thinking of installing fibre optics in your architectural landscape, then you have come to the right place. Operating in the industry for over a decade, at Cantel Telecommunication, we specialise in fibre optic installation and repair services.

We have a rich experience working on all scales and types of fibre optic networks. Our team comprises of well-trained and certified cabling technicians who are highly-skilled in integrating fibre cables in all kind of environments using the latest equipment and in compliance with the industry safety & design standards.

Our rigorous attention to detail in combination with our proven expertise, a wealth of experience and knowledge enables us to deliver quality fibre optic installation services with excellence and complete satisfaction for a variety of communicative tools such as

  • Internet Networks,
  • Digital Cable,
  • Audio/Video hardware and Software,
  • VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocols),
  • Computer Networks,
  • Home and Business Automation hardware and software,
  • PoS (Point of Sales) hardware and software, and
  • Private phone setup.

From the initial planning phase to design, execution and installation, we adopt an end-to-end approach to every project we work on. We provide client-tailored solutions that are delivered on your budget and timeline.

Along with assisting clients with fibre optic installation for new builds, we also offer repair services to existing networks. We test key access points to identify faults and repairs. We look for line breaks and damages and take effective measures to repair them immediately.

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At Cantel Telecommunication, we strive to provide our clients with the best installation and repair services within their budget. Our customer-focused approach and quality services have enabled us to build a long-term trust-based relationship with our ever increasing customer base.

So, whether you need new fibre optic installation or a repair service, we can assist you with them all. Simply call on 1-604-300-1788 to discuss your needs with our representative and we’ll provide you with the best solution and service accordingly, and right away. And that is a promise we love to keep.



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