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Confined Space Services

Confined Space Services

Installing cables in confined spaces is a difficult task that requires a great deal of experience and expertise, and conformance with the highest health and safety standards. This is because the hazards that are associated with entering as well as performing work in a confined space can cause bodily injuries, and illness in workers.

What are confined spaces?

Confined spaces are basically those areas that by design have:

  • Small or limited entry and exit openings,
  • Unfavourable natural ventilation, or
  • Areas that contain or produce dangerous air contaminants in an enclosed space.

For telecommunication industry service providers most of the confined space work is performed in vaults, manholes and customer premise crawl spaces, containers & similar type of equipment present in manufacturing plants.

What are the Hazards?

Hazards of working in a confined space can range from oxygen deficient atmosphere to toxic exposure, and lead fumes and dust produced when performing splicing operations of lead encased cables. Besides this, in confined spaces scaffolding use can contribute to accidents due to falling of materials, slips and falls.

Experienced in Working in Confined Spaces

When it comes to installation of telecommunication cabling in confined spaces, we are the top choice because we have a rich experience in this domain and unparalleled expertise. Our workers comply with strict health and safety standards to make sure that they are well-equipped to deliver best in confined space services thereby minimizing the liability risk on the other party. We are trained to work in all kinds of confined spaces and ensure cabling service is performed seamlessly to your complete satisfaction.

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