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Conduit Repair systems

Conduit Repair for Underground Cabling

A decade ago, repairing underground cabling was a difficult and challenging task especially with the existing equipment and products that were used for such repairs. Previously the process was tedious and required hours for a job to be carried out, but not anymore. The advent of conduit repair systems has revolutionised the entire process making underground cabling repair work smooth, swift and stress-free.

At Cantel Telecommunication, we are experts in conduit repair for underground cabling. We have top of the line and high quality conduit repair systems including split conduit, split sweepings, conduit repair kits and split couplings of different sizes to meet all kinds of underground cabling needs. These systems are excellent for repair work and also useful when it comes to:

  • Enclosing short-runs of fibre optics and existing cables,
  • Existing wiring and cabling relocation,
  • Running up the side of utility poles, and
  • Transferring the overhead service to underground.

Also, conduit repair products are water-tight, easier to use and you can also cut the split conduit to the length that is needed to make the repair. And when snapped together, it becomes as good as your original cable.

By using our conduit repair service for underground cabling, you can save both time and money by significantly lowering the amount of labour that is needed to perform such tasks and also minimise the downtime of your network.

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