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CCTV Security Systems

We have expert technician in CCTV installs

We have case studies:

5 Acres Truck yard. Few months ago Cantel Telecom received a call from a truck yard with complex situation that people are coming into the yard from the fence even though no tress passing sign was installed. They got CCTV installed last year but the were unable to trace the tress passing traffic.

We were called to the premise to analysis there present system. After carefully analyzing Cantel Telecom technicians found out that the present camera system was not powerful enough to record night time. After careful review Cantel Telecom found out that the present CCTV system was not installed high enough and the camera’s were not Night Vision camera. Our technician designed the new system and planned the cameras to be installed on street light pole in the yard. see picture below—


It was a complex install with 8 cameras to be pointing in all the directions. We choose 1080p cameras with night vision and AHD DVR with 2 tera HD. We promised to deliver them by certain day and our technician installed as promised. The price as given before hand after showing them the design.

The day of install even though it was a complex install but we kept our promise and installed according to truck yard need. It was a happy ending with results as promised.

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