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bucket truck and scaffolding

Bucket Truck and Scaffolding

Benefit from our Bucket Truck and Scaffolding Services for Smooth and Safe Aerial Telecommunication Line Installation, Repair and Maintenance

When it comes to aerial telecommunication line installation, repair or maintenance, bucket trucks are assets that cannot be ignored. The bucket attached to the hydraulic ram is extended to raise the aerial work platform to an elevated position for the electrician to perform the respective tasks efficiently. A bucket truck is especially useful when other trucks can’t reach a particular height.

Bucket trucks are common in the telecom industry due to the nature of work. However, operation of these trucks is complex and requires specialised training. And this is why business owners with telecommunication needs choose to hire us for bucket truck and scaffolding services.

At Cantel Telecommunication, we specialise in bucket truck and scaffolding services. We have a team of professionals who have acquired special training in this domain and comply with safe and fall protection practices to ensure aerial telecommunication line related tasks are performed successfully, efficiently and safely. We have the skills and knowledge to drive a bucket truck to the site and position it correctly.

Besides the safety advantage, other benefits of utilizing our bucket truck and scaffolding services include the following:

  • It’s a cost effective way to install, repair and maintain telecommunication lines.
  • Faster completion of repair work as very little time is wasted in reaching the lines. The electrician just needs to be strapped to the bucket and wait for the hydraulic ram to reach the top.
  • Good quality of work as the electrician has a stable platform to support them and work on instead of dangling from a harness.

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