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Smart Homes & Lifestyle Automation
Technology has made our life so comfortable, it has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. We are surrounded by hardware/software solutions that claim to do the chores for us. Automation has become a necessity.
With so much to do in such a less time and the overabundance of technological solutions that we own, it has become almost impossible for us to manage our homes efficiently. With evolving human lifestyle & luxury along with the concerns for security arises a greater need for better support systems.
The key is Integration.
Home Automation, customized to everyone’s needs, is in huge demand. The facilities like controlling HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning), lighting & other systems through Home Automation Systems are. And here’s what Smart Homes have to offer you–
1. Ease of Use: Smart Homes offer a centralized and integrated control to all your daily needs. Automated light & temperature control aids in more efficient energy management. All that can be controlled from a tablet or mobile.

2. Safety & Security: Use technology to ease your lifestyle and have additional safety. With security camera systems, Home Automation lets you monitor and access every aspect of your home and surroundings. Digital logging of activities and automatic signaling when premises is breached is an added value to every home owner.

3. Flexible Cost Structures: The systems are tailored to your needs and are easy on your pockets. Highly customizable – Smart Home Automation can begin from a room and can later on be extended to other areas of your house. Or, you can take full control of your premises.
A research by Parks Associates from its consumer study in Canada indicated –
• Nearly 60% of Canadian broadband households have at least one connected CE, including a smart TV, Blu-ray player, gaming console, connected PVR/DVR, or streaming media device connected to the Internet.
• Additionally, 5% percent own a smart home device of some kind.
• 89% of Canadian broadband households have pay-TV services, but only 12% of these pay-TV households are aware of having TV Everywhere as part of their service.
• 2% of all broadband households highly prefer smart programmable thermostats.
There are endless possibilities to how technology can be put to use for your advantage, and Smart Homes & Lifestyle Automation is just the tip of the iceberg.

low voltage new construction

House our company did all the low voltage wiring for CCTV, TV,Internet, Door bell, Security alarm.

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